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Treatment table, Chiropractor table, waiting room

Keep your treatment tables clean and rip-free. Let your client think of nothing else but how you're helping them. We know your practise is busy, which is how your table got worn in the first place, so we offer overnight service to keep your table available for patients.

Be classy and comfortable

As an athlete, Katrina has seen her fair share of practitioners. From massage therapists, acupuncturists, acupressure, physios, athletic therapists, chiropractors, crainio-sacral, osteopaths, dentists and doctors! And there is nothing more horrible than feeling a ripped or saggy treatment table. She knows how important it is to have the sensation that she's the only one you care about, so keep that table in perfect condition!


Treatment Tables

The fabric and foam on treatment tables and chairs need replacing every so often. Don't wait too long and we might be able to reuse the foam. We can book a date and get this done fast.

Head Pieces

There are many type of headpieces and we've worked on a lot of them!  They are particularly vulnerable to wearing due to oily foreheads and lotions. If you fix it fast enough, we can often keep the foam. As we reupholster, we find it important to keep the creases out and the stitching clean.

Waiting Room

The waiting room should ease your client and take away some of their anxiety. Use the space by highlighting comfortable sofas or boutique furniture. We can also reupholster front-desk chairs or kids play zone furniture.


Vinyl options can include hospital grade or anti-microbial. If you use lotions in your treatments, it may degrade the material over time. Be sure to talk to us about how you clean your tables. See more in Materials

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces compliment the space. They stand out by bringing in colour, flair or to make a statement. Consider having one where guests wait or in the treatment room where they might lay their jacket.

Overnight Service

If you are located in the Bow Valley, let's schedule a date so we can pick up your table and return it before your next client.

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