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Home Sweet Home

Your home - Your Sanctuary

This is your space, and it should be a sanctuary. You deserve it. Your home can be a reflection of who you are, sprinkled with items and colours that spark a positive emotion. Get creative.

It’s time to update your furniture, but you don’t know where to start? Do you re-upholster or buy new? Here are a few things to consider.

The most important part of a piece of furniture is its bones. Is the frame good? We want your piece to last another twenty years after you’ve invested money to have it redone, so here are a few questions we'll ask; Does your furniture have sentimental value? Do you know its history? Do you like the lines and style? Is it comfortable or can we make it more comfortable?

Having a piece reupholstered is not cheaper than buying box store new. But, what you’ll gain is quality. By redesigning an item exactly for you and your family, we can make your experience of relaxing together a pleasant one.

Home Services

Family Heirloom

These are absolutely worth reupholstering. Older furniture has generally great bones and high sentimental value. We can also work on the frame to make sure it lasts even more decades. See Frame Repair


Lucky you to have a beautiful antique worth upholstering! These pieces can create such a gorgeous space in your home.

Dining Chairs

Replacing dining chair pads is economic and an easy way to change the feel of your home. Whether chairs are rocking with loose joints, have saggy webbing, stained fabric or the foam is at the end of its life span, we can redo them so they're perfect!

Window Seats

Is there anything as peaceful as reading in front of a window, cradling a cup of coffee or tea? Make this space a sanctuary in itself with a gorgeous, comfy cushion and layers of textured pillows.

Sofas or large chairs

YES! Go Big so you can feel at home! These pieces are worth getting it right. If the foam is already great, we can just update the look with new fabric. Otherwise, we can discuss foam densities, arm padding, overall height and more.


Think Green! Save your old furniture from the doom of the dump. We can often reuse the frame and the springs meaning way less trees being cut or steel made. We can recreate what you want with a much less environmental impact.

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