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Hotels and Accommodations

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Lobby, Lounges, Booths, Dining Chairs, Benches

A hotel is a not only a home away from home, it should be even better than home. The lobby should bring feelings that the guest is worthy. Watch their shoulders relax as they sink into the perfect piece of furniture. They no longer mind that you have a lineup at check-in. Of course you do! They are now in one classy hotel.

Be classy and comfortable

There's nothing more gross than dirty furniture when a guest is paying for accommodation. And trust us, we Rosens have travelled around the world and stayed in some glorious, yet disgusting spots. Mike always checks out the furnishings!

Overnight accommodation should be welcoming, comfortable, eye-catching and entice a traveller to book again and again. Guests want to feel safe, secure and snug. Let Bow Valley Upholstery help.

Hotel Services


The lobby sets the expectations for your guests. Use it to showcase what your accommodation has to offer by highlighting comfortable sofas or boutique furniture. We can also reupholster front-desk chairs or kids play zone furniture.


Armchairs may take heavy use while in rooms, so if the fabric is wrecked, we can reupholster it. If the piece is newer, we can often reuse the foam. If a dog chews, a cat scratches or child draws, we can replace just a few fabric panels with complementary material.


Otto What? Ottomans or bed benches are eye catching pieces when a guest first enters a room. They soon become a catch all for anything that gets placed on them from luggage to coffee mugs to hot curling irons. We can change the legs, re-stain wood or reupholster these pieces.


If we're going all in, we might as well go ALL IN. Yes, we can reupholster these beasts! We can also come onsite to help repair or replace the mechanism. Sleeper sofas are not light, but they're great as an added extra to a suite.

Decorative Pillows

I love entering a room to see a lovely bed covered in pillows! They make quite a statement of comfort, ease and enjoyment, even though, the first thing I do is usually toss them to the floor. These are easy to change and the fabric choices are endless. See Materials

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces compliment the space. They stand out by bringing in colour, flair or to make a statement. Consider having one in a corner where guests might wait whether in the lobby, along a hallway or near an elevator.

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