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Frame Repair

If good bones are broken, we can help

The frame of the furniture is the foundation. It's important that it is stable and secure so everything works well. Whether the corner blocks have become loose and your chair has now become a rocker or the frame rails have buckled from the high spring tension - we can fix it.

Meticulously - with fine motor skills

If everything else is in good shape, we carefully remove the fabric, foam and strapping and work beneath the layers like a surgeon to correct what is wrong. We will check for pieces of wood that might be snapped, glued connections, screws or nails which may have become loose in the corners which creates a dangerous rocking motion. We will also check the springs and attachments.

Repair Services


Does it make a funny sound every time you put your arm on it? Pieces of wood run front to back for the support which can crack and fail. We can open up the arms and install new, stronger supports to give the arm new life! All the while reusing your existing materials.


Furniture is not garbage because it has broken legs or feet. These are so easy to replace or fix. Don't wait! They act is if they are the bottom of your home and important for the life and character of your piece.

Broken Springs

Your piece might feel saggy or you have a spring jabbing you and it's really not comfortable. We've been fixing coil, zig-zag, serpentine and other large springs for decades, and quite often, we can reuse everything.

Back Support

The back rail is a long piece of wood that supports the inside back on a furniture frame. Sometimes a knot or other weak spot develops and prematurely fails, which pretty much leaves your sofa useless. We can repair the rail and bring your sofa back to its original standards.

Frame Modification

We can modify your piece so it's exactly how you would like it. Did you want the length or height of your piece of furniture a little shorter? Your seat a little higher? Or a different style in the arm? Let us know so we can talk modifications.


Think Green! Save your old furniture from the doom of the dump. We can often reuse the frame and the springs meaning way less trees being cut or steel made. We can recreate what you want with a much less environmental impact.

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